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Quotes from Our Customers - what others are saying about our products:

"Stone Cross Farm is my first choice for local beef and pork. Simply the best product and friendly knowledgeable staff make it #1!" 
Chef Casey Broussard, Wiltshire Pantry -



"The tenderloin was amazing! We rubbed it with Bourbon Barrel Food's smoked paprika, seared it, then roasted it until medium rare. People were freaking out it was so good."
Sherry Hurley, Chef and owner of Farm to Fork Catering  -



“I’ve never had anything from Stone Cross Farm that wasn’t good.”
Alan Marino - Good Foods Meat & Seafood Employee



“Stone Cross pork loin is so tender you can cut it with a fork.”
Dacia Williamson - Good Foods Meat & Seafood Manager



“Stone Cross chuck roast made the best beef stew I’ve ever had.”
Good Foods Customer



“I cannot buy any other brand but Stone Cross bacon. It melts in your mouth. I love it!”
Good Foods Customer 



"The most important ingredients in cooking are the ones that come from local suppliers who have the passion for optimum quality and flavor."
Chef Jonathan Henderson - Cleveland's at the Woodford Inn 



"Over the years we have purchased from whole calf and hog to specialty cuts, dry aged beef, sausage and cheese. All with confidence in the integrity of the product and Stone Cross Farm's dedication to quality natural foods"
Chef Jonathan Gossett - Dudley's Restaurant

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Check out this blog by Chef, restaurant veteran, food stylist and cookbook author Sara Gibbs:

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