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Each soap in Stone Cross Farm’s signature line is vegetable based and combined with an impressive array of other skin-loving natural ingredients from the farm such as cream and honey. The result is a range of thoroughly effective skin-care soap bars. The generous quantities of essential oils mean that each bar smells life-affirming and energizing too.

Lavender Oatmeal Soap — made with pure lavender essential oil and finely ground oatmeal. The oatmeal gently exfoliates while the lavender oil is soothing, antiseptic, and smells wonderful!


Calendula Petals & Patchouli Soap — calendula petals are very healing to the skin. Patchouli essential oil is added both for its wonderful fragrance as well as its soothing properties, and to make it even better, sweet almond oil is also added making this a very moisturizing bar!


Honey Oatmeal Soap — this soap is made using pure honey from hives here in Kentucky. Honey is moisturizing to the skin while the oatmeal makes a great scrub, especially when you’ve been working in the garden all day!


Lavender Milk Soap — this soap is made using the fresh cream from our own herd of Jersey dairy cows. Their milk is high in butterfat which gives this soap a rich and creamy lather that is softening to the skin. Lavender essential oil gives this bar a lovely floral fragrance!


Rosemary Lavender Soap — this soap has French green clay added to it. The clay is an excellent cleanser, while the blend of Rosemary and Lavender essential oils are antiseptic and stimulating to the skin. This bar is great for oily or problem skin and has a lovely herbal fragrance!


Peppermint Soap — made with French pink clay and peppermint essential oil, this deeply cleansing soap is tingly and invigorating and works best for on the face for oily and combination skin.


Hemp Seed Oil Soap — perfectly legal and made using only the finest hemp seed oil, cold pressed from “live” seed. The wonderfully moisturizing bar has lavender, cedarwood, and clary sage essential oils added giving it a very herbal and unique fragrance!


Avocado Oil Soap — high in vitamins and protein, avocado oil is so gentle that even those with highly sensitive skin can use this soap with ease. In keeping with that purpose, we do not scent this soap.


From Our Hands to Yours!


Each bar is only $5.00 (plus shipping)

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Stone Cross Farm & Cloverdale Creamery producing locally sourced Kentucky Meats, Cheeses, Eggs & Herbal Soaps

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Sorry, but our herbal soaps have been in high demand and are currently sold out. Please check back.

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