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Cloverdale Creamery's FARMSTEAD CHEESES 


Stone Cross Farm’s Cloverdale Creamery

began when Patrick decided he wanted to get back to his roots and incorporate dairy cattle into the farming operation.

Soon a small herd of registered Jersey cattle and a few Holsteins were added to the Stone Cross Farm diversified operation.

Patrick and Leeta knew they did not want to have a commercial fluid dairy operation,

so they began researching what they could do in the value-added dairy market that would only required a small herd.

They soon discovered the art and joy of raw milk cheeses.


Today Cloverdale Creamery produces aged, raw milk cheeses at the creamery located on the farm using the milk from the farm’s Jersey and Holstein herd. The cheese is aged in the farm’s cheese cave and packaged on the farm and then shipped direct to the restaurant, retail outlet or consumer. Choose from any of the Cloverdale Creamery’s raw milk cheese selection and realize that nothing comes close to local cheese.

Our Cheeses:

Bellemoral Plain
This is our version of a Cotswold.

This cheese has a subtle flavor with creamy texture and hints of vanilla.

  • Pairs well with white wines and Kentucky Ale or your favorite light beer.

  • Great for cooking or on your favorite earthy bread.


Cowbells in Clover
This is our rendition of a traditional Double Gloucester. Buttery texture with full Earthy flavor with a slight tang and nutty finish.

A fantastic cheese for wine and beer pairings.

  • Pairs with a Guinness, Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, or your favorite port, stout, or any quality red wine.

  • A crusty bread or dried dates will make a good match on a simple cheese plate.

Smoked Bellemoral
Our robust hickory smoked cheese with a rich Bellemoral base is a customer favorite.

The smooth smoky finish is great for an appetizer, after dinner, or by itself as a snack.

  • Pairs well with spicier wines like a Zinfandel, Shiraz or a Pinot Noir and a Samuel Smith Taddy Porter or your favorite ale.

  • Try with a swipe of Colman’s or your favorite spicy mustard.

Chive Onion Bellemoral
Chive and onion is a classic taste of the traditional British farm or pub.

A simple herbal finish with the creamy Bellemoral makes this a great cheese for appetizers, or on it’s own with a pint.

  • Pairs well with a BBC Nut Brown, or your favorite ale, lager, stout, or a light red wine.

  • Try a dollop of Benedictine or honey atop a slice on a sesame seed cracker.


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