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labelIt wasn’t long ago that folks knew exactly where the food on their table came from. They knew the farmers who had produced the food they ate and served to their children. They enjoyed wholesome eggs and cheese, delicious beef and pork, and many other items – all locally grown. Often they had produced the food themselves.

When our early 1800s family farm was crowded out of Jefferson County by development in 1990, we moved to our current location on 103 acres in Spencer County, KY. Here we made a decision to continue the tradition of serving safe, wholesome food at our table and producing it for others.

Our farming enterprise is not just a business; it’s a way of life. We want to protect the foundation of America’s strength, the family farm, by providing high quality products, lovingly produced by the grace of God on our own land, by our own hands. Stone Cross Farm and Cloverdale Creamery evolved from a successful dairy, beef cattle and grain operation run by Patrick and his father, to a farm dedicated to the production of “all natural” goods.

With skills we learned growing up in farming –Patrick on the family farm, Leeta working for her grandfather at his John Deere business in Shelby County, KY – we use only the best of what we know are safe, sustainable farming practices. We’ve made a conscious decision to produce quality versus quantity, so our free-range beef, pork and dairy products are antibiotic, steroid and hormone free. No wonder some of the best chefs in the Kentuckiana region trust us to provide them with the freshest local products to serve their customers.